JSP - Servlets

Created By: Mariam Abed & Dina Labib @ March 2009

Having any relation with programming, most probably you have heard words and abbreviations like Dynamic WebPages, Client-Side scripting, ASP, ASP.NET, Web 2.0, Static WebPages, JSP, Servlets, Struts, web servers, applets, java scripts ... blah blah; and you may not know anything about.

This tutorial is going to make the picture some how clearer by briefly explaining the difference between Dynamic and Static WebPages, Client-Side and Server-Side scripting. And providing a more detailed explanation for JSP – Servlets technology as a server-side scripting tool that generates Dynamic WebPages

  • An introduction: that covers the part of briefly explaining the difference between Dynamic and Static WebPages; Client-Side and Server-Side scripting.
  • Downloads and Configurations:in which you will know what you need to download to be able to implement the tutorial's examples, and Where to download from. Moreover, you will see how to get started with Eclipse and how to run Tomcat from it.
  • A simple JSP example: through which you will practically see the difference between Static and Dynamic WebPages, by following very simple steps to implement a JSP page. In addition, you will learn how to use different JSP tags.
  • A servlet example: that is divided into two parts.
    1. The first part is a step by step to implement a "Hello World" servlet.
    2. And the second part is an explanation to understand the code you used in the example; and to visualize the process flow from the point you request a servlet to displaying it by your browser
  • Full Login Example: this section is to give you a sense of how a simple project can be implemented through explaining a complete login application.
  • A development environment section: that is a some how theoretical section allowing you to get a quick insight into the development environment of JSP and Servlets