J-TAP: Junior Teaching Assistance Program

The J-TAP at the GUC started in the winter semester of 2005 with only few students, it was established by the Computer Science and Engineering department and then propagated to the rest of the departments at the GUC. The idea of this project has been derived from the German teaching system.

The J-TAP is the process of allowing undergraduate students, a.k.a junior TAs, to assist in the lab sessions of the different courses offered by the Faculty of Media Engineering & Technology. The program aims at helping the real senior TAs with their job.

There are many benefits provided to the junior TA through the JTAP. First, this program provides an opportunity to revise the material from previous years. Second, the junior TA acquires teaching experience which would be helpful if he/she decides to follow an academic career at the GUC or elsewhere. Finally, the added responsibility is a motivator for the junior TAs to do their best in order to reply to all questions asked.

At the end of the program, the Junior TAs are evaluated and according to their overall performance, they are awarded a certificate of appreciation and a letter of recommendation.

For more information, check the FAQ section. To apply for a J-TAP position, please fill in the Online Application.

"teaching... is learning twice!"

If you have any inquiries regarding the program or any complaints related to one of the JTAs, please consult the program's general coordinator.