PHYS 102

3 lecture hours
2 exercise hours

5  ECTS credits

Physics I


  • The course introduces a calculus-based study of, Newtonian Mechanics; introduction to vector algebra; space and time straight-line kinematics; motion in two dimensions; the concept of force; Newton's laws; forces of friction; mechanical equilibrium, uniform and non uniform circular motion; motion in accelerated frames; work and energy; conservative and neoconservative forces; potential energy; linear momentum; collisions and conservation laws; rigid body and rotational dynamics; angular momentum; universal gravitation; elasticity; fluid mechanics; oscillatory motion


  • The purpose of this course is to enable the student to learn the laws of mechanics, oscillatory and wave motion; and heat and thermodynamics; to see how they can be applied to explain many physical phenomena observed around us, and understand how it can be applied to build or improve devices that are beneficial to people As a result of successfully completing this course, the student will be able to do the followings: - demonstrate concepts of physics by performing satisfactorily on homework and tests; - solve problems by applying the laws physics and the tool of math.; - demonstrate communication skills by answering questions in class, writing reports. and turning in home work; - show team-work capabilities by working in group - apply the scientific method in analyzing natural physical phenomena in the universe; - demonstrate professional and ethical responsibility through class attendance.